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Welcome to Red Box rail

Over the past 20 years, Red Box International has been designing and manufacturing jump start packs and continuous power supply units to meet the demanding specifications of the Military and Aviation Industries. Quality, reliability and durability take high priority and go into the design of every Red Box unit.

Red Box International also manufactures locomotive grade battery starting units. These extraordinarily powerful units are designed to be used in the most demanding of environments. Originally designed and manufactured for the military, Red Box locomotive battery starting units are now used worldwide and have gained an exceptional reputation for excellence and superior quality.

Red Box units have been designed to the highest possible standard to ensure they work when you need them. By using the right batteries in the right configuration, and providing the right levels of protection, Red Box units are able to meet the highest of demands


external Chargers

With any battery unit the charger is the most fragile part. A Red Box battery starting unit is provided with a separate, non integral charger This ensures Red Box battery starting units can be subjected to all weather conditions, dropped and filled with water and still be guaranteed to work.


stainless steel  & aluminium casing

These units are used outside so it makes sense to protect them against the elements and build them to the highest possible standard. We only use high quality stainless steal and aluminium meaning the units wont suffer the rust associated with inferior metals or the cracking associated with plastics.



always use both batteries in the pack

When it comes to dual voltage starting units, manufacturers tend to use 2 batteries in their packs – one “stand alone” battery is used to produce a 12V output to which the other unit’s internal battery can then connected in series to provide a 24V output. This dramatically reduces the life of the battery start unit as there is constant strain on just one of the batteries within the unit. Subsequently, when in a 24v configuration the unit will only perform as well as the weakest battery. If used regularly in a 12v configuration, the life of these battery units can be reduced by 50%.

Red Box battery start units utilise a different configuration to ensure that all batteries are used all of the time, weather in12v or 24v mode. Red Box units will always draw an even amount of energy from all of the batteries. See our maximum amps for your confirmation


high-quality connection cables

To ensure the absolute highest quality product, Red Box battery start units are provided with the same high performance output cables that are used in Red Box military and aviation products. Each pack is provided with a 2m output cable.


lithium options

If weight is a primary priority then Red Box lithium starting units are a light weight alternative to the standard, dry lead acid pack. The lithium units are the more expensive option but are considerably lighter than the standard pack.
Our team of industry experts are always on hand to help you with any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to contact us on (0) 1794 518888 or email sales@redboxint.com


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